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Lucky 13: A Dozen and One Utility Knives for All Your Cutting Needs

We’ve cut through the clutter of online information to bring you the most talked about, most used, and most reliable utility knives available today. By analyzing reviews, data, and mentions across ten of the top tool-ranking websites, we’ve narrowed down the best to just 13 of the top utility knives on the market.

On the job and around the house, a utility knife makes life much easier. Whether you’re cutting shingles or whittling a plug for a stripped screw, this portable implement keeps things moving. These multifunctional tools were first used more than 500,000 years ago and feature interchangeable blades made to cut through different materials. Many offer a built-in hook knife and wire stripper. Utility knives may be built around a stationary handle or flip up similar to a pocket knife.

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