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11 Laser Levels that Get Straight to the Point

You’ve racked your brain and scoured the hardware stores looking for a laser level but there are simply too many to know which is the tool for you. From the bargain bin to levels that cost so much they should do the work for you, it’s an endless sea of options. You can stop your quest for the best here as we’ve done our own search, read reviews, checked tech specs, and come up with a list of the top 11 laser levels.

Laser levels are a modern refinement of a tool first invited back in the late 1600s. They are commonly used to help homeowners hang pictures and framed art but are invaluable in general construction, plumbing, and masonry. A laser level can help you balance your décor, make sure shelves aren’t angled, and guide you when setting stone, painting, or installing large pieces of cabinetry. Many laser levels combine modern technology with time-tested ingenuity to provide you with pinpoint accuracy no matter the job.

Here are the best 11 laser levels: