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How to Build your DIY Off Grid Tiny House
Tool Review: What You’ll Need When Building a Tiny House

Photo: Pexels The novel coronavirus pandemic created an undeniable shift in how people live their lives. Wasteful lifestyles are not only expensive; they’re also hazardous to our planet and to ourselves. As difficult as isolation and physical distancing might be, many people are starting to realize the benefit and beauty of returning to a simpler […]

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Meet Your Match in These 12 Stud Finders

Every professional and serious DIY-er knows you need more than just your instincts to determine the exact spot to hang a heavy frame or mirror or support the weight of permanent improvements, such as cabinets and built-in shelving. For this, you need a stud finder. But with so many on the market, it can be […]

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11 Laser Levels that Get Straight to the Point

You’ve racked your brain and scoured the hardware stores looking for a laser level but there are simply too many to know which is the tool for you. From the bargain bin to levels that cost so much they should do the work for you, it’s an endless sea of options. You can stop your […]

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14 Flashlights That Will Keep You Out of the Dark

When shopping for a new flashlight, it’s easy to jump at the lowest price. However, that doesn’t always mean it’s a good value. We’ve analyzed reviews from top sources including Consumer Research, Digital Trends, and Popular Mechanics to help you select the most effective flashlight for your personal or professional needs. Portable lighting became a […]

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11 Duct Tapes that Will Get You Out of a Sticky Situation

Not all tapes are the same. When you’re looking for a duct tape that can stand up to use and abuse, look no further than this list. By evaluating reviews from experts as well as real consumers, we’ve come up with 11 duct tapes that will get you out of a sticky situation. Duct tape […]

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11 Tape Measures That Go the Extra Mile

How do you measure performance? We do it by researching the most trusted tool review websites on the net and comparing ratings by both professionals and DIY-ers alike. When you’re looking for a new tape measure, these 11 options go the extra mile by helping your precisely calculate feet and inches. The tape measure was […]

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Lucky 13: A Dozen and One Utility Knives for All Your Cutting Needs

We’ve cut through the clutter of online information to bring you the most talked about, most used, and most reliable utility knives available today. By analyzing reviews, data, and mentions across ten of the top tool-ranking websites, we’ve narrowed down the best to just 13 of the top utility knives on the market. On the […]

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10 Top Drills that Will Make Your Work a Breeze

Deciding on which power tools to purchase isn’t easy. Do you look for price or performance? Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice either. We’ve collected data since 2015 from 10 of the most trusted resources online, compared performance, cost, user-friendliness, and popularity to give you the top 11 cordless drills. Whether you’re building the next […]

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15 Top Hammers for Your Hard-Hitting Projects

We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best tools and have come up with 15 claw hammers that stand out above the rest. Ranks were determined by counting the number of times each hammer was mentioned across ten independent sources. Each data source was also checked for reliability and rated based on authoritativeness. The accompanying […]

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