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Home Renovation Projects to Complete During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Painting your home is a covid-19 safe project
You can work on home renovations and remodeling during the covid-19 outbreak

Thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic and its resulting social distancing, shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, many of us are spending more time at home. For some, this might be business as usual, but for most people, the novel coronavirus is creating an entirely new lifestyle. Either way, all the extra time at home might inspire you to take care of a few projects around the house.

If you’re looking to prioritize those home renovations, repairs, and remodels that had previously fallen to the bottom of your to-do list, it’s crucial to understand which projects are safe to complete during a pandemic. Start by focusing on basic Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects that don’t require bringing contractors into your home. Safe projects that reduce the spread of the virus might include outdoor renovations, such as landscaping, or simpler interior projects, such as a fresh coat of paint or new cabinetry.

Here are our top recommendations:

Home Office

If you find yourself suddenly working from home but without a dedicated office space, you might struggle to find a steady work-life balance. A home office is a fun and simple DIY project that helps create more space and separation between your work day and your home life. 

Turn an extra bedroom, breakfast nook or walk-in-closet into a private office where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. You might decorate this space with green plants or your favorite belongings. If you want to paint but can’t go out shopping, consider ordering online from popular paint suppliers like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. These days, many retailers offer online storefronts, affordable shipping and delivery, or no-contact curbside pickup.


With most cities implementing regulations keeping people at least six feet apart, you may need to slow down on major home renovations inside your house. Luckily, the home exterior is a different story. You can likely hire a contractor for outdoor projects like painting your home or building a detached garage, since it’s possible for contractors to complete those projects without coming into physical contact with other people. For example, even during the novel coronavirus outbreak, you could still hire a landscaping professional to design and maintain the yard of your dreams.

A landscaper can add new flower beds and shrubs, trim your trees and improve the health of your lawn. Landscaping also boosts curb appeal, making this a wise project if you plan on selling your home in the coming months. By leaning into an outdoor project during the pandemic, you’ll support a locally-owned business while also feeling more comfortable knowing that you’re less likely to be exposed to illness. 

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Updated cabinets can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to revitalize your kitchen. You can paint cabinets, add new hardware and knobs, or create open shelves. You could even replace the cabinets yourself if you have the right tools, materials and equipment on hand.

While Amazon shipping times are often delayed, you can still pay to have most tools and materials you need delivered to your door. However, many local companies and small businesses could use the work. Check in your area for ones that are offering online ordering, curbside pick up, or delivery. 

Master Bedroom Re-imagined

With major retailers offering online shopping discounts, now’s the perfect time to redecorate, redesign and re-imagine your bedroom. For a simple change, you might order a new duvet and pillows, then rearrange the layout of your bedroom. For a more drastic makeover, search online for new mattresses, headboards, and other bedroom furniture.  

If your master bedroom is small, consider using bright colors to open the space up. You could also purchase furniture that functions as decorative storage. If your bedroom’s charm has fizzled or feels outdated, pull up a corner of that faded carpet and see what kind of floor is underneath. With the right DIY tools, you might be able to refinish hardwood or stain concrete flooring. When you’re finished, you can invest in some throw rugs to soften the look.

Since doctors and scientists aren’t 100 percent sure of all the ways that COVID-19 can be spread, the safest home improvement project is one you can do yourself with the tools you already have at home. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t contract a professional or two. When it comes to contractors, try to protect yourself and your family by only hiring contractors for outdoor projects involving landscaping or your home exterior. As always, during any pandemic, wear a mask whenever possible and try to maintain at least a six foot distance between yourself and others. These tips will help ensure your healthy and safety during a COVID-19 home renovation project.

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