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Giving Yourself a Haircut? Here Are the Tools and Tips You’ll Need


You’ve seen it all over social media: people cutting their own hair during the coronavirus lockdowns. But, is that really a good idea? The answer to that question really just depends on your comfort level and whether or not you are willing to risk a bad haircut. Before you dive into becoming your own barber or stylist, take a few moments to determine what, exactly, you need to achieve the look you want. The links below can help.


Tools of The Trade


Stop! Do not grab the kitchen shears or the scissors out of the desk drawer. These are not appropriate for cutting your own hair. Unless you want to wind up in a coiffure conundrum, you have to have the right implements.


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Tricks And Tips


Cutting your own hair is different from cutting someone else’s, and cutting a toddler’s hair is a new experience entirely. Spend some time clicking through the resources provided below. While they can’t guide your hand, they can give you information on mistakes to avoid, how to handle bangs, and what those guides on the clippers are actually for.


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Cutting your hair may be a new experience, but it does not have to be a bad one. And until things get back to normal, handling your own hairstyles may be the only way to get the salon look you desire. From getting the right tools in dealing with inevitable hair clogs to mistakes to avoid, the information above can make you a more confident self-stylist.


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