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Craftsman 16 oz. Curved Claw Hammer

Price: 24.89

The Craftsman name has long been synonymous with the American spirit of hard work and dedication. This 16 oz. forged high-carbon steel curved claw hammer is an iconic reminder of what makes Craftsman the choice of woodworkers everywhere. For generations, the Craftsman 16 oz. Curved Claw Hammer has combined classic design with timeless functionality; Craftsman got it right from the beginning. Ribbed, reinforced claws and a chevron-etched wooden comfort grip make this one of the most well-reviewed hand-powered tools ever released. Craftsman’s warranty is known throughout the construction and automotive industries and makes this brand a top pick for those who want most power and performance for a lifetime.

Top Product Features

  • Third claw for added functionality
  • Damage-reducing steel headliner shield
  • Iconic chevron grip on hard wood handle
  • Handle cap for light tapping

Product Reviews

  • It has third claws that help remove tight nails. A soft handle cap is used for light tapping while as the steel shield ensures that the handle does not get damaged. The chevron grip is essential as it provides comfort. Its size increases the surface area for proper holding of the hammer." --
  • Craftsman's best nail hammer. Forged, high carbon steel head. Third claw pulls nails in tight places. Exclusive rib reinforced claws. Headliner steel shield adds strength and helps reduce damage to handle. Chevron grip for comfort. Soft, non-marring handle cap for light tapping." --