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Estwing 20 oz. Straight Claw Hammer (Leather Wrapped)

The smooth face and solid steel construction of the genuine leather-bound Estwing 20 oz. Straight Claw Hammer gives this professional-grade tool this secure grip required by framers, finishers, and serious DIY-ers. Forged in Rockford, Illinois, this straight claw hammer easily goes from demolition to construction. Fully polished with exceptional balance and temper, the Estwing 20 oz. Straight Claw Hammer boast a classic look but has been built with care using modern technology. Estwing is a proudly American company with a long history of excellence in struck tool manufacturing.

Top Product Features

  • Real leather grip
  • Professional tempered finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Smooth face for use on all nail types

Product Reviews

  • The Estwing name is synonymous with high quality construction and durability. Using their classic design for balance and temper, this hammer features a head and handle forged together in one piece. A leather grip on the handle make this product attractive and utilitarian."--
  • The Estwing Straight Claw Hammer is one of the most popular hammers for professionals because of its strength, durability, and comfort. The straight claw of the hammer gives the user more flexibility in their angle for prying. The leather grip provides durable comfort to combat reverberation." --
  • With an all steel layout, this hammer offers unsurpassed balance and temper for any carpenter. You're going to love the genuine leather grip that gives you a superior level of comfort during strenuous handling. The head and face are polished as well making it perfect for most projects." --