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Dewalt 20 oz. Rip Claw Hammer

Price: 30.76

The Dewalt 20 oz. Rip Claw Hammer offers the most even weight distribution available in single-piece construction hand tools. A unique oval strike face provides a large surface offering unmatched precision for jobs big and small. A side nail puller makes efficient nail removal a possibility even when space is limited. The functional and intuitive design allows users to securely affix fasteners of all shaft lengths into a variety of surface materials. Dewalt tools are guaranteed tough and backed by the company’s limited lifetime warranty and its nearly century-long reputation of providing exceptional workforce solutions.

Top Product Features

  • 20 oz. head; 1.75 lbs total weight
  • Added nail puller on side cheek
  • Smooth oval face for maximized striking capacity
  • Rip claw design

Product Reviews

  • The weight is perfect for hard tasks, making hammering easier. Its color (yellow) makes it easy for you to spot on the job. Graduated paws make it effortless to remove nails. It’s comfortable to work, it's balanced and the Dewalt name is well established." --
  • This hammer is of one piece steel that makes it strong, durable and powerful. The weight is equally distributed and is perfect for heavy duty tasks and making controlled swings in those situations." --
  • The one-piece steel hammer features optimal weight distribution for a controlled swing. Its oval shaped strike face makes toe-nailing easy! It features a side nail puller for efficient nail pulling and has an intuitive design made of a single piece of steel makes this hammer very durable!" --