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Alltrade Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife

Price: 14.52

With its non-slip grip and full-size body, the Alltrade Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife is tool that feels right at home in wet, sweaty hands. The first knife of its kind with a self-changing blade, this is the knife for working in fast-paced situations when time is of the essence. Holds up to six refills. At 12.5 ounces, this may be the heaviest utility knife on the list and its weight is only rivaled by its speed. Built using only the highest quality materials, the Alltrade Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife exceeds all current tool standards. Alltrade, founded in 1979, manufactures hand tools, knives, and power tools for the world’s hardest-working people.

Top Product Features

  • Fastest blade changes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Superior construction
  • Squeeze to change blades

Product Reviews

  • "The cutter has very nice features -- inside blade storage (6 blades), easy extending and retracting of the blade, and it's nice to hold and use." –
  • "The new Squeeze Knife utility knife from Alltrade offers the easiest, fastest blade changes around. Used blades can be removed with the touch of a button, while squeezing a level on the handle loads a new blade in its place. User comfort is assured by the ergonomic cushion grip and curved handle." –