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Aluminum Foil Tape

Price: 10.99

This highly-flexible epoxy-resin-coated aluminum foil tape features an easy-release silicone paper liner and is perfect for repairing hot and cold air ducts. In addition to being an excellent HVAC tape, this ultra-reflective material resists UV degradation, flames, and moisture. For use in high or low temperatures, this tape is pressure sensitive and can be applied to irregular or smooth surfaces for a long-lasting bond. At 1.9-inches wide, each 50-yard roll can be used for a number of applications in spaces both big and small.

Top Product Features

  • Weather resistant
  • Reflects heat and light
  • Thermally conductive
  • Perfect for HVAC applications

Product Reviews

  • "Resists flame, moisture / vapor, UV degradation, odor, weather, some chemicals and smoke transmission. Good for both indoor and outdoor use. Chemically resistant, thermally conductive (helping cooling/heating efficiency), heat and light reflective." –