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Arrela 240 Lumen Mini Tactical Flashlight

Price: 14.99

The Arrela 240 Lumen Mini Tactical Flashlight is an excellent flashlight for the price. Featuring three modes, including an SOS signal and dim setting for close range, the Arrela 240 Lumen Mini Tactical Flashlight offers the versatility of models three and four times as expensive. Up to five hours of light means this pocket-size wonder can get you through the night. This is a popular flashlight for camping and hiking and features an adjustable beam for flood or spot applications. Available in classic black, this is a timeless and budget-friendly solution for your portable lighting needs.

Top Product Features

  • Accepts rechargeable batteries
  • Narrow or wide beam
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable

Product Reviews

  • Flashlight is made of aluminum alloy, waterproof and dustproof.  Small and exquisite, with hook design, easy to carry and use. Three Modes - Hard light mode searching/exposing target; Dim light mode for close range lighting; Glitter mode for delivering SOS signal or defending yourself." –