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Bazic Fluorescent Colored Duct Tape

Price: 11.86

Bazic Fluorescent Colored Duct Tape comes from a long line of quality school and office products. This bright and highly-visible line of duct tape isn’t as tough as some on the list, but is an affordable option for color coding boxes, books, and shelves and for temporary fixes around the home. Makes a great tape to set boundaries between workstations and can easily be written on by permanent marker to customize any smooth surface. Ideal for crafting. Bazic is a value-driven company with strategic manufacturing partners across the globe.

Top Product Features

  • 6 extra bright colors
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality
  • Perfect for home, school, and office

Product Reviews

  • "Assorted Fluorescent Colored Duct Tape Multipurpose that tears easily, resists breaking and is durable."  –