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Bosch D-TECT 120

Price: 259.99

The Bosch D-TECT 120 is on the pricier end of the spectrum where handheld scanners are concerned. However, it’s a professional tool that doesn’t need calibration and offers three modes — concrete, universal, and drywall — for construction and remodeling professionals who need accuracy no matter the job. This state-of-the-art radar technology delivers accuracy when you need it most and can detect in any direction. In universal mode, the Bosch D-TECT 120 will let you know if there is anything hidden just out of sight. This is the scanner for everyday use when your job depends on perfection.

Top Product Features

  • Three modes; use anywhere
  • Battery-operated
  • Hard case included
  • Features lights and sound

Product Reviews

  • This Pro level tool will detect all sorts of materials: water-filled plastic pipes, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wooden studs, live cables - and it does so in a simple display. This is a nice professional level tool that is able to maintain a fair price." --