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Bosch GLL 2 Crossline Laser Level

Price: 77.65

The Bosch GLL 2 Crossline Laser Level is the ultimate alignment solution. Featuring Bosch’s exclusive Smart Pendulum System, this affordable, compact level offers unrivaled accuracy even at distances of 30 feet. One-handed, push-button operation makes it easy to determine whether you want a vertical, horizontal, or crossline projection. Use the included flexible mounting device to clamp to virtually any surface. Two modes, self-leveling and manual, offers assisted precision when you need it and flexibility when you don’t. This ergonomic, lightweight level is compatible with standard tripods and is ideal for small to medium interior projects.

Top Product Features

  • Self-leveling up to 4°
  • Lightweight; 0.5 pounds
  • 30 foot operating range
  • One-button operation

Product Reviews

  • You can switch between different types of modes to help you level horizontal, vertical and cross line. All you need is to press its button to switch between the different modes. The Bosch GLL2 is also rated as a flexible mounting device that can be clamped on multiple surfaces for an easy setup process." –
  • It makes use of Bosch’s Smart Pendulum System that employs precision pendulum that accurately levels the unit. And it locks in to ensure that the pendulum is protected well while the unit is in transport." –