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Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner

Price: 63.94

The Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner offers more than just stud detection. This multi-functional sensor will find rebar, studs, steel and copper pipes, as well as live wiring. One of the strongest scanners on the markets, it easily detects density changes in cured concrete up to 4 ¾-inches thick. An illuminated and graphic LCD display offers a host of information, including center point and battery life. Use it at work, use it at home, the GMS120 will never fail to impress. Self-calibrating, this scanner eliminates user error. Manufactured by Bosch, the GMS120 was designed by some of the industry’s best engineers.

Top Product Features

  • Uses one 9V battery
  • Automatic center finder
  • Audible detection signal
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use

Product Reviews

  • This Bosch stud finder will notify you about objects detected in two ways: by means of a sound signal and LED flashing. As the device approaches an in-wall object, its built-in LED changes its color from the green to the yellow and eventually to the red when the object gets close to the device. Thus, in addition to a visual indication of the scanning progress, you are notified about a nearby in-wall object by beeping signals. However, you can turn the beeping notification off any moment by pressing the key." –
  • By allowing its user to calibrate degrees of sensitivity and specific material responses, the Bosch GMS120 provides nuanced and detailed detection of woods, metals, and wiring, even when all three occupy the same general area. Illuminated lcd screen. Runs on a single 9-volt battery." –