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CH Hanson FlipKnife Dual Blade Utility Knife

Price: 13.32

What makes this utility knife stand out is the fact that it’s two knives in one. The FlipKnife features dual sliding ends that hold any standard size blade. You don’t have to choose between a straight blade and hook blade, you can have them both in hand at all times. Or if you prefer, simply use the second blade as backup and cut your blade changes in half. A durable body and soft, slip-resistant grip make this the ideal knife for extended use. Two blades included. Manufactured by CH Hanson, a family company in its fifth generation.

Top Product Features

  • Hook blade and straight blade included
  • Two knives in one
  • Built to withstand daily use
  • Great choice for roofing application

Product Reviews

  • "It has two chambers to hold retractable blades and ships with a standard straight blade along with a hooked blade. This tool makes fumbling around with two different knives an obsolete concept, as you can quickly switch from one to the other in under a second." –
  • "This qualifies more as a weird specialty tool than just a simple utility knife. It has dual retractable sides, one offering the standard razor edge and the other comes equipped with a hooked blade, but can be outfitted with anything under the sun. This is typically favored by roofers who need the hooked blade." –  
  • "It is more of a specialty tool than a simple utility knife. It has dual retractable sides with one side offering the standard razor edge and the other being equipped with a hooked blade. It also works well for anyone who is looking to use two knives to get the job done." --