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Craftsman 18 oz Flex Claw Hammer

Price: 31.99

When leverage is required, the Craftsman 18 oz. Flex Claw Hammers brings in en force. With four adjustable claw positions, large striking face, and magnetic nail starter, this innovative hand tool makes quick time of tedious jobs. Its alloy steel handle is covered by a slip-resistant ergonomic grip. Like a little black dress, this hammer screams classic style, versatility, and functionality when it’s needed most. Craftsman has been hammering out some of the world’s best and best-known hand tools since 1927 and today remains a symbol of do-it-yourself pride. A 2017 Gold Edison Awards recipient.

Top Product Features

  • Versatile four-position claw
  • Hands-free nail starter
  • Anti-fatigue comfort grip
  • Backed by Craftsman’s lifetime guarantee

Product Reviews

  • Whether you need to hang a picture frame or are trying to pry out an old nail, the Craftsman Flex Claw Hammer delivers versatility and power to the palm of your hand. This combo flex claw features two great tools in one with both a 18 ounce hammer and an adjustable pry bar." --
  • Want a good hammer that is more versatile than just driving nails into wood? A good claw, the rear end that lets you remove things like nails and damaged screws, can be a useful addition for projects that require some deconstruction." --