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Craftsman Wall Scanner with CenterVision 949067

Price: 61.99

Craftsman’s deep wall scanner is multi-functional and can detect rebar and ferrous metals up to 3 inches deep. An integrated AC wire warning will let you know if hot electrical wires are hiding behind most common interior surface materials. Featuring an exclusive Spotlight Pointing System, the Craftsman Wall Scanner with CenterVision 949067 leaves no doubt about where stud centers are located. Use it right out of the box, as Craftsman has smartly included automatic calibration in this professional scanning tool. A bright LCD display is combined with an audio signal and on-screen graphics for unrivaled accuracy and ease of use.

Top Product Features

  • Multi-functional; detects metal, wood, AC voltage
  • Finds stud centers up to 1.5 inches deep
  • One pass operation
  • Dual-depth scanning

Product Reviews

  • The Craftsman easily and repeatedly located steel pipe, wood studs, and a live electrical cable. It has operating instructions printed on its back and an over-the-stud alert that lets you know you've begun the calibration process in the wrong spot (on top of the wood)." –
  • It has 4 modes of function that allow you to detect studs, metal, and live wires as well as the edges and center of metal and wood studs. It shines a bright line to indicate the target location clearly. These features, as well as the price, put it right in the middle of consumer and professional usage. It is nowhere near as expensive as the highest end devices, while at the same time it is full of useful features that will assist any pro on the job - let alone someone simply trying to hang a painting." –