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Dalluge 16 oz. Titanium Hammer

Price: 127.61

The Dalluge 16 oz. Titanium Hammer was not built to sit still. This professional-series hammer is for framers who need reliable tools for hard-hitting jobs from dusk til dawn. This straight claw, titanium, serrated-face hammer features a tough-as-nails hickory handle and back and side nail removal for added leverage. At just 16 ounces, it’s a comparatively light-weight option that delivers dead-center accuracy. Perfectly balanced, the Dalluge 16 oz. Titanium Hammer reduces arm and shoulder strain while delivering powerful nail-driving velocity. Dalluge tools are an American-made member of the Vaughan Manufacturing Company.

Top Product Features

  • "Double D" magnetic nail holder starts both standard and duplex nails
  • Milled face for no-slip contact
  • Overstrike guard for added handle protection
  • Top-quality titanium and straight hickory handle

Product Reviews

  • The Dalluge hammer is composed of titanium and hickory. Lightweight yet durable, this product is built to last. Designed by a professional carpenter, it is well thought out with a side nail puller, an overstrike guard, and excellent head to handle balance." --
  • Dalluge hammers are specifically built for professional craftsmen and anyone who uses a hammer on a 'daily' basis. Their hammers have steel heads, american hickory handles. The 7180 is made from hickory and titanium. It is lightweight and built to last with an overstrike guard and a side nail puller." --