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Price: 409.99

Last on our list, but certainly not least as far as functionality goes, the DeWalt DCT419S1 is a professional tool that features patent-pending sensing technologies and can detect multiple classes of embedded materials. Scans through virtually all building materials, including concrete, ceramic tile, drywall, and plywood. A smart tracking bar and automatic mapping function displays a mapped area of up to almost 10 feet. It’s 3.5” color LCD screen is easy to read and leaves no questions about what’s behind the wall. Guaranteed tough, the DeWalt DCT419S1 is backed by DeWalt’s industry-leading, three-year warranty.

Top Product Features

  • 12V battery pack
  • Finds wood, metal, and live electric
  • Powerful for professionals
  • Scanning range: 9.8 feet

Product Reviews

  • This is one of the best stud finder tools you can find at a pro level without breaking the bank. The large display helps you figure out exactly what is going on behind that wall. It requires a couple passes to pre-map the area and then displays the materials it is looking at. It does require a bit more effort than simpler stud finders do - but it returns that effort with a much clearer picture of what you are working with. This is a fantastic tool for remodelers, general contractors, installers, and service technicians. Most professional will be able to put these thorough scanning abilities to great use. This is likely much more than the average homeowner will need." –