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DeWalt DW089LG 3 X 360 Laser Line

Price: 528.36

If you want your coworkers to be green with envy, you want DeWalt’s 12V Max 3 x 360 laser level. This full 360° line laser level throws out an ultra-bright Green Beam that’s four times stronger and stands out better than traditional red laser lights. With an accuracy of +/- .125”, this is the tool to have on hand during complex projects or complete builds in residential, commercial, or industrial settings. An integrated rear-mount magnet means you can place this technologically-advanced laser on many common metal building materials for a strong and secure hold. The rechargeable 12V battery means you can work for hours, recharge, and do it again tomorrow.

Top Product Features

  • Cordless; uses 12V rechargeable battery
  • Green Beam technology
  • 100-foot Indoor visibility range
  • Impact-, debris-, water-resistant

Product Reviews

  • This DeWalt Line Laser is an ideal unit for many applications of leveling and layout. You can use it for beaming green cross lines in the both directions. It is equipped with an amazing feature called the Green Beam Laser Technology that delivers four times brighter lines than other ordinary lasers." –