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DeWalt Folding Retractable Utility Knife

Price: 42

Another excellent choice in folding utility knives, the DeWalt is retractable and allows for cuts of varying depth with ease. Featuring DeWalt’s exclusive Rapid LoadTM blade swap system, this all-around useful knife doesn’t hold you up when it’s time to change the blade. With convenient blade storage, you’ll never have to stop on the job site again. Weighing just .34 lbs. and a handle length of 6 ¼-inches, the DeWalt is a lightweight yet durable and tough tool for all your cutting needs. DeWalt Tools are known for quality and are proudly made in America.

Top Product Features

  • Metal body for long-lasting use
  • Interchangeable blades with built-in storage
  • Comfortable slip-resistant handle
  • One-handed operation

Product Reviews

  • "The best part about DeWalt’s folding retractable utility knife is that it manages to be foldable without sacrificing the quality of its retractable blade. The button mechanism is durable and holds under high pressure, but this knife maintains the portability and ease of use of a folding knife." –
  • "Blade changes are rapid thanks to the one-button system that can easily be operated with gloves on. The entirely metal body is durable and weather resistant. The lockback system is nearly as stiff as a retractable but can fold up for easier storage. Even has a wire stripper." –
  • "If you are confused as to whether you should go for a retractable knife or a flip one, this is the knife for you as it offers both features in a single knife. You have the option of locking the back and slipping the blade away. You can also fold it up if you have less time on your hands." –