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Gorilla Tape 1-inch Handy Roll Duct Tape

Price: 2.99

Gorilla Tape To-Go’s handy 1-inch rolls means you can easily repair wear and tear anywhere. This all-purpose tape offers the same power as standard Gorilla Tape but has been downsized to fit in pockets and small toolboxes. As duct tapes go, you can’t get any better than Gorilla brand, which is three times stronger than the competition and doesn’t limit you to smooth surfaces. Gorilla Tape To-Go sticks to vinyl, metal, stucco, stone, and wood and can handle uneven surfaces with ease. Its reinforced backing is incredibly strong and withstands UV rays and moisture so you can make repairs on outdoor equipment, swing sets, and more.

Top Product Features

  • Extra strong for a lasting hold
  • Double-thick adhesive
  • Use inside or outside
  • Makes repairs on smooth or rough surfaces

Product Reviews

  • "This is over double the thickness of the other tapes and truly stands alone. It rips very cleanly, has a very grippy adhesive and is very strong. It’s also releases cleanly from a lot of surfaces." –