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Irwin Self Retracting Safety Knife

Price: 7.3

The Irwin Self Retracting Safety Knife is a smart choice when you work with distractions. Featuring a self-retracting blade that pulls safely back into the handle when not in use, this two-position knife is ideal for hectic job sites, such as warehousing and production. For use as a box cutter or for general cutting. Bright red design makes it easy to keep up with whether at work or in your at-home junk drawer. Irwin Tools employs the industry’s best engineers and tool designers and stands behind each and every product it builds with a comprehensive warranty and dedicated customer service.

Top Product Features

  • Returns safely into position when not in use
  • Tool-free entry/blade changes
  • Includes one heavy duty blade
  • Ergonomic grip for all day comfort

Product Reviews

  • "If you aren’t comfortable handling a utility knife and are only planning to use it for basic tasks like breaking down recycling, we recommend the Irwin 2088600 Self Retracting Safety Knife. This knife has a spring-loaded blade that withdraws into the handle as soon as the thumb slide is released." –
  • "If you do not like the idea of using a razor knife and want the knife for light work only, you will find this one to be an appealing option. This retractable knife has been provided with a spring loaded blade tensioned, which ensures that the blade always wants to get back into the tool." --