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Irwin Tools Drywall Fixed Utility Knife

Price: 12.06

This fixed position knife by Irwin gets back to basics and gets the jobs done. The Irwin Tools Drywall Fixed Utility Knife isn’t just for drywall and lends well to a number of applications including carpet removal and trimming various materials for precision. A sleek silver handle keeps the blade safe while not in use. No tools required to swap blades since this knife comes with a half turn screw that easily opens the handle, but only when you’re ready. Few tools live up to their name like this general purpose, heavy duty utility knife.

Top Product Features

  • Basic utility knife for everyday use
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Includes one Irwin 4-point blade
  • Half-turn thumb screw

Product Reviews

  • "This is specially made for drywall cutting and scoring thanks to the angled design that gives a trigger-like feel. It’s a fixed blade for the improved stability you need for jobs too tough for retractable or foldable knives. The storage compartment can house ten blades and is secured with a thumbable screw." –
  • "The knife has been provided with a fixed blade, which offers improved stability that is required for tough jobs. The nose is narrower, which ensures that you are able to see what you are doing and are able to work in an accurate manner." --