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Komelon 25′ Self Lock

Price: 9.99

The Komelon 25’ tape measure with self-locking mechanism works the way tape measures should have always worked, without being told when to stop. A unique design allows this 25-foot blade to stop when needed but retract at your pace, when you’re ready. Housed in an impact-resistant shell, this nylon coated tape measure is protected from hard job sites but is always ready for use. Komelon’s eye-catching green and black design will help you keep sight of this affordable yet invaluable addition to your tool chest. Built with contractors and framers in mind, this may be the last tape measure you’ll ever buy.

Top Product Features

  • Nylon coated blade
  • ABS case
  • Unique self-locking mechanism
  • Controlled retraction

Product Reviews

  • "As its name suggests, the Komelon SL2825 Self Lock automatically holds its nylon-coated blade in place at whatever distance it's pulled from its impact-resistant rubberized housing. A press of its retract button sends its length shooting smoothly back into storage." –
  • "You may not have ever heard of Komelon, but the Korean company sells a ton of its SL-2825 tape measures on Amazon. The cheapest tape measure we tested, the Komelon had a great belt clip and a standout of just under 7 feet.  The auto-lock feature made one handed operation a breeze." –  
  • "A Basic model with a strong case.  Soft rubber coating resists slipping and shock.  Measurements are clear and easy to read.  Comes with a one year warranty." –