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Komelon 30” Professional Tape Measure

Price: 6.76

Sometimes bigger really is better. And that’s just the case with this 30-foot, professional series tape measure by Komelon. Its easy-to-read yellow blade is printed in both metric and imperial units for your convenience. An ergonomic and impact-resistant case makes this tape measure easy to hold, use, and repeat no matter how many times you pull it out. Its powerful slide lock keeps the nylon coated blade in place until you’re done so you never have to worry about mismeasurements due to a weak hold. Built with professionals in mind, this no-frills, no fuss, and no muss tape measure does what it should, when it should.

Top Product Features

  • 30-foot blade for large-scale projects
  • Duel metrics
  • Smooth operating internal recoil
  • Nylon-coated for lasting performance

Product Reviews

  • "The blade of this professional measuring tape is nylon coated to protect it from disintegrating due to friction. ​The powerful slide lock enhances the convenience of this tool. It stops and locks the blade to prevent it from retracting when measuring." –
  • "The Professional inch/Metric series offers an ergonomically designed case and superior internal mechanisms ensuring smooth operating. This is the ideal tape measure for anyone using a metric measuring scale." –