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Kutir 25′ 56-7525 Tape Measure

Price: 14.9

A powerful end magnet makes the Kutir 25-foot tape measure a tool that comes in handy when working alone. At 25 feet in length with an 8-foot standout, this tape stands out in a crowd. Whether you’re measuring to hang photos or the foundation of you’re a driveway, this tape measure has you covered; indoor and outdoor uses are unlimited. A shock-proof case keeps this MID-certified, stainless steel tape measure safe even if dropped from the top of a ladder.  Made by Kutir, a family company with a singular goal: design, build, and deliver the best tools for daily use by their global network of customers.

Top Product Features

  • Powerful magnetic end
  • 25-foot blade; 8-foot standout
  • MID certified
  • Lab-tested ABS case

Product Reviews

  • "The Kutir 25 Foot has a sturdy locking switch for easy retraction control and a longer blade life. It features precise markings in both imperial and metric units, with distinct indicators at every foot, 16 inches, and 10 centimeters." –
  • "It has some nice features... Durable construction and shock resistant case.  Measurements are accurate and the magnetic hook is strong and useful.  Tape retraction mechanism operates smoothly." –