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MagLite ML300L

Price: 39

The MagLite ML300L is a full-size, heavy duty flashlight when nothing but the best will do. Featuring a powerful 406-meter beam and five light modes, this is the perfect EDC light for home, the job, or on the road. Easy to use, the MagLite ML300L adjusts from a saturating flood light to a bright 625 lumen spotlight with less than a quarter-inch turn of the head. The 1.5-inch diameter barrel houses three D-cell batteries for long-lasting performance. The ML300L is certified by the National Tactical Officers Association and makes a reliable partner in defense situations.

Top Product Features

  • 11.75-inch, 26.4-ounce weight full-sized flashlight
  • 4 functions
  • Eco mode for extended run time
  • Available in six colors

Product Reviews

  • It comes in a few different sizes and colors, but all have an all-but-indestructible anodized aluminum body and various activity-based functions. It features eco-mode for extended run time, is sure to last for years, and is great for law and service personnel." –