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MagLite ML300LX

Price: 36.38

One of Maglite’s largest handheld flashlights, this ML300LX (available in black, Urban Gray, and Foliage Green) offers up a respectable 625 lumens and up to 177 hours run time on its power-saving eco setting. An aggressive knurled design and matte finish make this a flashlight that looks just as tough as it is powerful. Five power modes mean you can use this tactical carry tool around the house, outdoors, or for self-defense. Its adjustable beam and weather-resistant seals illustrate Maglite’s dedication to quality from head to tail. Drop it, use it in the rain, or use it all night, the Maglite keeps working and won’t leave you in the dark.

Top Product Features

  • Uses three D-cell alkaline batteries
  • 16 hour run time on highest setting
  • Heavy and strong for self-defense
  • Advanced focus beam

Product Reviews

  • The ML300LX has five lighting settings (Momentary, Full Power, Low Power, ECO, and Strobe) to aptly handle the job at hand. At full power, the unit emits 625 lumens of light up to 1,300 feet (in optimal conditions) or as few as 58 lumens when just a little light is needed." –