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Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife (with Blade Storage)

Price: 17.99

Like its brothers, the Fastback Flip is a versatile knife and brings Milwaukee’s reputation to the table. Robust and always ready, the Fastback Flip features a gut hook and wire form belt clip, making it usable and storable. The intuitive design allows for easy connection to a lanyard when your pockets are out of reach. In-handle blade storage and an all metal body come standard on this model. An integrated wire cutter/stripper adds utility to this all-around useful, single-hand opening knife. A valuable resource for resourceful men and women who need their tools to serve more than one purpose.

Top Product Features

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Belt clip and lanyard hole
  • Wire stripper
  • Integrated four-blade storage in handle

Product Reviews

  • "The Fastback can be easily (and quickly) opened and closed with one hand, and it locks in both the open and closed positions or at a 45-degree angle for ease of making strong, downward cuts, like on a carpet.  Also, you can store four additional blades onboard the Fastback Flip." -- TheWireCutter
  • "This Utility Knife with Blade Storage is designed to improve user productivity. Press and Flip one-handed opening provides fast access to the blade. On-board magnetic blade storage holds four additional blades to improve user efficiency.  Also includes an integrated wire stripper." –