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Mini MagLite Pro Flashlight

Price: 19.69

The Mini Maglite Pro is a small but powerful addition to your toolbox. Made in the USA of the highest-quality aluminum and electrical components, the Mini Maglite Pro is a weather-resistant flashlight that offers up an impressive 226 lumens of brightness. Whether you need a floodlight or need to focus on a single area, this slimline flashlight can do the job. Powered by two AA batteries, this LED light weighs in at just 4.2 ounces and can easily fit into your pocket or purse. Established in 1979, Mag Instruments has been making some of the world’s best flashlight for nearly four decades.

Top Product Features

  • Ultra-bright; 226 lumens
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Aluminum body with diamond knurled grip
  • Made in the USA

Product Reviews

  • Its brilliant twist-to-focus LED beam reaches 163 meters (more than 175 yards) into the distance. It can shine for two and a half hours on two AA batteries; the MagLite Mini Pro+(Est. $25) is similar, but adds a low setting that lasts 27 hours." –
  • "It's durable, bright enough for most any task at well over 200 lumens, and uses twist controls that let you both turn on and focus the light as needed—you can also twist the head right off to use the flashlight in candle mode. At just $20, it's also incredibly affordable and available in different colors." –