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ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder

Price: 53.03

The ProSensor 710 by Franklin was designed for professionals who can’t compromise accuracy. With an easy-to-read 7-inch LED display, this deep-scanning tool finds and measures studs all at once. A quick-read integrated ruler will show you exactly where to mark while the ergonomic grips minimizes hand fatigue during extended use. The ProSensor 710 boasts a 21-inch square sensing area and 13 sensors to scan up to a depth of 1.7-inches. Use it right out of the package; no calibration required. Franklin Sensors was born out of necessity and takes pride in establishing lifelong relationships with its customers.

Top Product Features

  • Uses 2-AA batteries
  • Instant read from any start point
  • Width identification
  • 13 powerful sensors

Product Reviews

  • The ProSensor uses multiple sensors to find both the center and edges. It works best with standard drywall, but can also penetrate plaster and wood paneling. Bright visual display, not just audio. Additional sensors locate stud edges. No calibration cycle required." –
  • It’s an electronic stud finder with multi-sense technology which can locate studs in multiple locations on your wall, making it ideal for larger scale jobs. It also has bright LED lights which show you the location of studs, making accurate marking easier. It also detects other hidden objects, so you’ll never find yourself drilling through your wiring or plumbing. It operates with 2 AA batteries." –
  • The button for a detection of studs and other in-wall objects is placed on the handle. On pressing the button, the ProSensor starts locating wooden and metallic studs, beams, water pipes, gas pipes, wires in walls or nonuniformity of their surface material. With that, this tool senses through up to 1.5 inches of wall material, hence giving you a deep scan even in bad conditions. This capability makes this model a versatile solution both for home use, and construction works performed by small construction brigades. The device is very simple to use in any premises. Just insert the batteries, put the finder against the wall, push the detection button on the handle and slide the device across the wall." –
  • The ProSensor uses innovative stud sensing technology, and it determines stud presence based on density. It is not a metal detector like what other stud finders are. With its length, it can sense two succeeding studs at the same time. It measures 7 x 3 x 2 inches. The ProSensor is easy to use, thanks to the bright visual display allowing you to know just where the stud is, instead of listening to beeps. All you have to do is press a button and the LED indicators would allow you to find the stud. It is also reliable and you can easily determine stud centers." –
  • The innovative technology of the Franklin ProSensor 710 easily identifies the size and placement of objects hidden behind your walls. Its light system of powerful LEDs clearly indicates where the exact center of a stud lies. Sensor pad detects copper pipes. Works on ceramic tile." –