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QuickDraw 25’ DIY Self-Marking Tape Measure

Price: 13.99

The QuickDraw DIY measuring tape with built-in graphite wheels makes marking your spot a breeze, even with one handed operation. With a reach of 25 feet and a 9-foot standout, this rugged, hard working tape measure is ideal for jobs big and small, both professional and for the serious DIY-er. A strong recoil means this measure snaps back into place with a simple slide of the thumb. Patent-pending TruView technology works like a gun sight to give you pinpoint accuracy when it matters most. QuickDraw has upgraded this revolutionary tool with a nylon-coated blade for years of lasting functionality.

Top Product Features

  • Built-in graphite marker
  • 9-foot standout
  • Innovative design
  • 10-second reload

Product Reviews

  • "The QuickDraw DIY is a rugged 25-foot option that features a built-in graphite wheel for marking surfaces as you work. Its integrated, easy to reload design and precise accuracy mean you can feel comfortable leaving the contractor pencils at home." –
  • "The QuickDraw DIY Self Marking Measuring Tape helps prevent human error in carpentry, construction, and craft projects with its built-in graphite marking wheel.  It also has a bright red marking band and a Tru-View sight that lets you see exactly where the measurement you need lines up with the surface." –
  • "The most popular tape measure we’ve found is the QUICKDRAW DIY Self Marking 25′ Foot Tape. This tape measure is 25 foot long and even has a built-in pencil. You don’t need to fumble for a pencil whenever you’re measuring any material." –