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QuickDraw 25′ Pro Self-Marking Measure

Price: 19.89

Gone are the days when you have to constantly fumble for a pencil to mark your cuts. The QuickDraw Pro 25’ self-marking tape measure has changed the game. With more than 2,000 marks per load, the exclusive graphite marker makes this two tools in one. Featuring an extra-heavy belt clip, rubber break lock, and ABS injection-molded case, the QuickDraw QD25 PRO is a professional addition to your DIY or work toolbox. A truly innovative tape measure that boasts an impressive 9-foot standout and patent-pending TruView WEDGE indicator. QuickDraw products have been featured in Forbes, Time, and Popular Mechanics.

Top Product Features

  • One-handed operation; marks and measures
  • Upgraded internal spooling system
  • ABS case
  • 25-foot length

Product Reviews

  • "The first thing we noticed is the rugged, molded case that has industrial-strength star-drive screws holding it together securely.  The blade of the tape measure can be extended 9 to 12 feet, freehanded and with no issues." –
  • "Unique built-in marking feature is ideal for users who need to draw straight lines while measuring.  Useful for projects such as measuring drywall and marking lines.  An innovative concept that perfectly suits some intricate marking tasks." --
  • "The QuickDraw Pro comes with a “wedge indicator” which acts like a gun sight. This pinpoints the exact location of your line so you will never be off the mark.  The tape is coated in a durable material that covers the steel so when you extend it, there is no bending or collapsing." –