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Stanley 25′ FatMax

Price: 16.35

The Stanley FatMax is the tape measure other tools measure themselves by. Its 25-foot-long, 1 ¼-inch-wide, Mylar® film-coated blade holds its own weight for 11 feet of extension. When you need a tool that can stand up to even the most rugged circumstances, the FatMax should be your top choice. More expensive than its little brother at the top of the list, the FatMax has all the features needed by men and women whose work demands professional-grade performance. A non-slip rubber-coated ABS case keeps this dual-tang tape safe and sound no matter the worksite. Stanley’s classic yellow and black indicate quality throughout this tape measure’s useful life.

Top Product Features

  • 11-foot standout
  • Stud markings at 16 feet and 19.2 feet
  • Blade Armor® coating first three inches
  • Multi-catch grab hooks

Product Reviews

  • "The “fat” in this tape measure’s name refers to the width of its blade. In theory, a wide blade is good: It can extend longer (Stanley claims 11 feet, we measured just under that) and it’s easier to read." --
  • "The first six feet of the 25-foot Stanley FatMax tape is reinforced with Blade Armor coating for protection against friction which causes wear and tear. Additionally, a film of Mylar polyester is spread over the blade to preserve the markings as well as to extend the life of the blade." –
  • "This 25-foot tape measure has the strength and durability that you want in such an important tool. Although tape measures often get overlooked when stocking the tool box, it is a tool that you will sorely miss when you need to measuring something." --
  • "The FatMax has several design features that make it perfect for work on a rugged jobsite. The heavy duty spring attached to the blade dispensing mechanism means you won’t be sitting with 10 feet of extended tape that won’t retract.  The case itself is a durable ABS plastic." –
  • "The extra-wide and deeply concave tape displayed the structural integrity of an I-beam. It crushed the competition in this category.  After falls of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 feet, the FatMax showed only scuff marks. We actually heard it laughing at us." –