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Stanley 25′ Powerlock

Price: 9.88

Stanley’s 25’ Powerlock® is a solid tool for most home and work applications. Sheathed in a high-impact Chrome ABS case and coated with Mylar, this 25-foot measuring tool is corrosion resistant and about as functional as it gets. Stanley’s True-ZeroTM end hook allows for exact measurements and its 16-inch and 19.2-inch stud marks will help you find deadcenter each and every time you use this 1-inch-wide wonder. Coming in at #1 for price and functionality, the Stanley is a classic that stands the test of time. Stanley tools are built American tough and have been building America since 1843.

Top Product Features

  • 25-foot length
  • Chrome case resists shock
  • True-Zero end hook
  • Mylar coated for extended life

Product Reviews

  • "A great balance of price and sturdiness, the Stanley Powerlock is available in lengths from 12 to 36 feet and comes in a high-impact chrome ABS plastic housing. True to its name, it promises a secure lock that won't slide over time like many models." –
  • "The Stanley Powerlock is our favorite 25-foot tape measure by a mile, not an inch. With a lifetime warranty, a strong belt clip, and a blade that stood straight for just over seven feet—longer than Stanley advertises—it’s perfect for the home or the job site." –
  • "Standard features include a lockable blade for precise measurements and minimal slippage, a belt hook for easy access, a 1-inch wide blade for easy reading, and 16-inch and 19.2-inch stud center markings. Plus, Stanley has added a heat-treated spring to increase the tape’s lifespan." --
  • "Stanley tape measures are something of a benchmark. They have been around for generations and, arguably, are the original retractable tape measure brand. Hiram Farrand patented the modern spring-operated retractable tape measure in the 1920s, but the product rights were sold to Stanley Works." --
  • "A reliable tool from a popular manufacturer at a price that competitors can't beat.  If you're watching your budget, this is the one to buy.  A sturdy tape measure by a trusted brand.  Well-made, impact-resistant chrome base and secure locking function.  Limited lifetime warranty." –
  • "This unit is the “tried and true” design of tape measures that can only be called “classic”.  The blades on the tape are covered in a Mylar coating so that retracting the tape is smooth and prevents excessive wear over time." –
  • "The body of the tape measure is made of durable material. A high impact ABS case enclose the body of this product which also has an added rubber mold for more strength. A heat-treated spring is responsible for its easy recoil when not in use." --