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Stanley STHT77340 Cubix Cross Line Laser

Price: 44.48

Stanley’s Cubix Cross Line Laser level is the perfect level for DIY projects and as a backup for light construction jobs. Use it to hang cabinets, perfectly align tile, or decorate like a professional. With an accuracy of +/- 5/16” at 40’, this affordable laser level is a value at any budget. To protect its sensitive internal components and for angled lines, the Cubix features a locking pendulum. It is lightweight, compact, and every bit as capable as levels twice the price. Stanley takes pride in manufacturing tools for hard-working men and women and proudly backs this product with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Top Product Features

  • Self-leveling cross line laser
  • Ideal for common alignment and leveling applications
  • Exclusive QuickLink mounting bracket system
  • Perfect for DIY projects

Product Reviews

  • It’s not cheap, but it is just affordable, and boasts robust features and as well as durability. There is also a limited lifetime warranty. In addition to being self-leveling, with bright horizontal and vertical lines, this model features a nice added feature, the locking pendulum that allows for multiple angles." –