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Stiletto Tools TiBone 15 oz. Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

Price: 259

Designed with the daily user in mind, Stiletto hammers are truly at the top of the class. Built of titanium, the TB15MC boasts 10 times less recoil impact than similarly-sized all-steel hammers. At just 15 ounces, this is one of the lighter weight tools on the list but strikes every bit as effective as those nearly twice its weight.  Featuring an ergonomic hardwearing rubber grip over a solid body, it’s as comfortable as it is powerful. Stiletto Titanium Tools began as a tent-based seller back in 1849 at the height of the great Gold Rush and today remains the gold standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Top Product Features

  • Titanium body for long-lasting use
  • 15 ounce, ultra-lightweight titanium construction
  • Textured magnetic head perfect for overhead work
  • Milled or smooth replaceable steel face to increase tool longevity

Product Reviews

  • This hammer by Stiletto is on the high end of its selling group. It has several attractive attributes, though, to defend its expensive price. Made of titanium, its weight comes in at 15oz–appreciated by anyone who has spent hours hammering."
  • It has a rubber grip that makes gripping easier. Its magnetic head makes it easy to hammer as the nail is held firmly in place. It is light enough to reduce the pressure exerted while working with it constantly and it has a replaceable steel face."
  • Stiletto began to build its reputation in the production of hand tools and agricultural implements since 1849. The stiletto TB15MC is made of titanium, which is known to have the highest strength to weight ration of any metal. It also features a patented torsion control technology, helping to absorb shock."
  • This titanium hammer is a precision nail-driving tool. Its solid titanium construction offers extreme durability and its ergonomic injection-molded grip offer great comfort and even greater control. This hammer features a lightweight 15-ounce head that also allows the user to replace the face in a few minutes."
  • The TiBone puts nearly all its peers to shame. It might slip in at under a pound, but it lands like a 24oz beater. The body and rubber handle drop recoil down to nothing so that you can work for days on end at any angle without wearing down."
  • With a stronger yet lighter design from titanium, this amazing hammer delivers 10 times less recoil shock than steel hammers. The slim and unique layout allows for less fatigue and more power. For added comfort, the ergonomically contoured grip is composed of rubber to reduce fatigue."