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StudPoP 100480-SP Magnetic Stud Finder

Price: 9.95

Who said finding studs had to be boring? StudPoP makes it fun. This simple, easy-to-use, magnetic stud finder works without batteries to find the center of studs hidden below drywall. StudPoP’s 100480-SP model works like no other stud finder on the market using a magnetic head that stands straight when passing over metal nails or screws. This pocket-sized tool is made in the USA and was developed by a retired engineer who spent years searching for a better way to locate studs and pipes while working on his rental properties. It’s fast, fun, and finds what you are looking for.

Top Product Features

  • Small, compact design
  • No batteries
  • Comes in nine colors
  • Made in the USA

Product Reviews

  • This very simple magnetic stud finder is a no fuss model which locates studs by detecting the metal fasteners on the framing stud and activating a “popper” to let you know where it is. In terms of functionality, it does exactly what it says it will – finds studs – and nothing extra. It requires no batteries and works on all kinds of drywall including sheetrock, tile, plaster, and lath. It is designed by professional contractors and made in the USA." –
  • A colorful, simple, nifty little device that finds studs without fuss. The Studpop's black cylinder has an inner knob that looks like a colorful game piece from a board game. When you sweep the wall and hit a fastener, the knob springs upright." –
  • The Studpop doodad will literally “pop-up” when you sweep it over something metallic - it is a nice visual cue. Although it looks like a small kid’s toy, it functions as well as any magnetic stud finder you could get for such a low low price. This tool could be paired up with pro level tools as a fact checker of sorts. Some scanners can be off by a bit - use this Studpop to verify stud presence." –