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The Original Pink Box 12 oz. Claw Hammer

Price: 7.99

The Original Pink Box 12 oz. Claw Hammer is a fun and functional addition to any garage. With a total weight of 1.5 pounds, this colorful contrivance delivers blunt force with a style that’s sure to catch the attention of everyone in sight. Its smooth face won’t leave behind an unsightly pattern in softer wood while its advanced fiberglass core limits vibration and user fatigue. A classic black, easy grip handle ensures the hammer is comfortable throughout the duration of use. The Original Pink Toolbox operates under the philosophy of, “Do it first or do it better” and the company has certainly done both with this limited lifetime warranty hand tool.

Top Product Features

  • Unique color reduces misplacement
  • 8 ounce head
  • Fiberglass, vibration reducing core
  • US-based customer service

Product Reviews

  • This hammer is comprised of a fiberglass core with a resin coating. Fiberglass often reduces the vibration felt during use. An easy-to-grip rubber handle makes this item simple and dependable. It also features a smooth, polished face and bright, fun pink color." --
  • This hammer won't just attract you from afar by its hot pink color. Other than color, it has a rubber handle and a smooth face to ensure that the wood is not tampered with. The fiberglass core ensures that there are little or no vibrations during the nailing process." --
  • The Original Pink Box is well-known for designing robust products that combine high style with quality performance. It has a focus on producing unique, distinctive and durable pink tools. The hammer comes with a fiberglass core to reduce vibrations. It also has an easy to grip rubber handle." --
  • 12-ounce head with a curved claw. The durable fiberglass core reduces vibrations better than steel. Smooth face won’t leave a pattern behind on wood. Easy grip black rubber handle is accented with pink to make every DIY project stylish." --