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Trust 25′ Tape Measure

Price: 11.95

If there’s a tool you can trust, this is it. The Trust 72-7525 25-foot tape measure is unique among others in its class. Featuring a magnetic end and automatic lock, this 1-inch wide, nylon bonded tape was made for people who routinely work alone. The MID II, waterproof blade is marked with both the standard and metric scale with alternating colors for easy reading. Guaranteed for life and backed by Trust’s world-class customer service, this waterproof tape measure is housed in an impact-resistant shell that can handle whatever the worksite throws at it.

Top Product Features

  • Thick blade for superior standout
  • Waterproof
  • Belt clip
  • Ergonomic ABS case

Product Reviews

  • "This Trust Measuring tape is built to guarantee durability. Its outer case is impact resistant while its L-shaped hook is triple-riveted for added strength.  ​This product comes with a lifetime guarantee so when you purchase it, expect a high quality, long lasting tool that will best serve you for years." –
  • "The marks on the tape measure are easy to read.  There are stud markers every 16” which makes this tape measure perfect for professional builders or hobby carpenters.  The impact resistant case is .14mm thick and made to last.  The blade is made from bonded steel that will stand up to heavy use." –
  • "Rugged yet lightweight tape that's easy to use and less likely to cause cuts than heavier tapes.  Has magnetic hook and accurate imperial, metric and fractional markings that are easy to read.  Lifetime warranty also comes standard with this tape." –
  • "This tape measure makes it so much easier to work on your own especially if you are an independent contractor who needs to make quick measurements.  The magnetic end will stick to any metal surfaces like pipes, metal beams and ducts." –