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Vaughan 19 oz. 17 Inch Max High Performance Framing Hammer

With a total weight of 2.6 pounds, the Vaughan 19 oz. 17 Inch Max High Performance Framing Hammer is the perfect framing hammer for those desiring a long reach and unrivaled striking power. Triple zone heat-treated and computer designed, this Bluemax California framing hammer features a waffle face and buffed and polished drop forged steel head. Manufactured in the United States by expert toolmakers, this is truly an instrument built for the construction professional who needs precision and power. From the Vaughan line of exceptional quality hand tools.

Top Product Features

  • Magnetic nail slot ideal for 16D and 20D nails
  • Milled face for added grip and fewer strikes
  • 17 inch solid Hickory handle
  • Hardened steel for superior strength

Product Reviews

  • This framing hammer is made in the United States and features milled face grips to prevent slipping. It has superior head to handle balance. With a drop forged steel head, an extra-long blue stained American hickory handle, and fully polished head, this product is both stylish and functional." --
  • This hammer features an anti-slip milled face. It also has incredible balance to minimize the effects of fatigue when you are using a hammer for hours." --