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Vaughan 20 oz. Straight Claw Hammer

Price: 32.2

The Vaughan 20 oz. Straight Claw Hammer’s hollow fiberglass handle offers superior shock absorption over traditional solid fiberglass. Designed for framing, this milled-face hammer easily goes from work to home and can tackle jobs in all conditions. Priced like an entry-level tool, this fiberglass rip hammer features a professional-favored 16 inch handle for added reach and power. Rust-resistant with a powder coated finish, this is one hammer that can handle repeated use and abuse. The head is fastened in place and secured by Vaughan’s exclusive Sure Lock® wedge design and epoxy sealed for a virtually indestructible connection. Since 1869, Vaughan tools have embodied the industrial American spirit.

Top Product Features

  • Fully polished head with octagon face and neck
  • Triple zone heat treated
  • Extra-large striking face for accurate contact
  • Professionally designed with details in mind

Product Reviews

  • Accurate nailing is assured by its large crowned striking face and triple zone heat treating. By using this hammer, one is assured of better balance than most comparable hammers as it is more of solid fiberglass which is highly durable. It holds the nail better as it does not slip off due to its milled face." --
  • This guy from Vaughan is made from 100% fiberglass and provides a great balance and more shock absorption than the typical hammer handle. As a standard practice, this hammer is created with an octagon neck, extra-large crown and face and is fully polished for that sleek shine we love." --