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Zircon e50-FFP

Price: 18.79

The Zircon StudSensor e50 makes is easy to locate studs and joists – both wood and metal – behind drywall and flooring. Featuring a built-in voltage detector, the e50 ensures you don’t inadvertently drill into a dangerous situation. Two scanning modes mean you can search behind walls as deep as 1.5-inches with pinpoint accuracy. Zircon’s patented SpotLite Pointer, over-the-stud indicator, and TruCal calibration technology are exclusive to the brand and make this stud finder a great value for home or work use. Its comfort grip design reduces hand wear and makes it easy to use in any position.

Top Product Features

  • Deep scanning available
  • Easy-view LCD
  • Edge indicator
  • WireWarning detection

Product Reviews

  • The Zircon Edge Finder is a more affordable alternative to higher end electronic models. Special light draws "arrow" on targets.Penetrates varying thicknesses of different wall materials. Also has AC wire finding option." –
  • The Zircon е50 model uses electric sensors and a nine-volt battery as a power source. The e50 has a plastic case with two soft cloth inserts at the bottom that ensure its smooth sweeping across the wall and prevent any damage to the wall finish. There is also an ergonomic rubber insert over the molded grip on the lower end of the device case for more convenience." –
  • This Zircon will allow you to quickly and accurately scan your wall for studs, and will alert you to the possibility of live wires in the vicinity. LCD display indicates when a stud edge is approached. Shines an arrow-shaped light on the wall to mark the target WireWarning® detection up to 2 in.” –
  • The Zircon e50-FFP utilizes a patented spotlite pointer to shine an arrow-shaped light on the wall over your intended target. If you start your scan over a stud, the unit will ask you to begin again in a new location, ensuring you'll know where the stud's edges are. Ergonomically designed. Handyman club approved." –