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Zircon MultiScanner i520 OneStep

Price: 49.84

The MultiScanner i520 OneStep by Zircon is a multifunctional tool that easily and efficiently locates metal and wood studs, live electrical wiring, and hidden joists behind floors, ceilings, and walls. Ideal for use on thicker walls, this easy-to-use stud finder has a scanning depth of 1.5 inches and can detect metal up to 3 inches deep. Its exclusive WireWarning® system will help you avoid accidentally nailing into potentially-dangerous live wires. Auto correcting technology means you can start scanning anywhere, even over a stud. Zircon scanners are some of the most-used tools on the market and are known for reliability, accuracy, and dependability.

Top Product Features

  • Locates live electrical wiring
  • Corrects common user errors
  • LCD screen
  • Locates edges and center

Product Reviews

  • DIYers and contractors often need to find more than studs in walls, and this Zircon has that versatility. Good to have around when remodeling, or attaching items to walls. Fast calibration cycle. Detects center of stud, not just location. Also detects live electrical wiring. Deep scanning mode for thicker or insulated walls." –
  • This electronic stud finder features and LCD display, an audio tone and a laser pointer for accurate detection of both metal and wooden studs. It will also detect live wiring up to two inches into walls. The four scanning modes (stud scan, deep scan, metal scan and AC scan) make it ideal for both tradesmen and home carpenters. The thing that makes this model stand out is the live wire detector, as drilling into wiring is the last thing you want." –
  • It’s fairly simple to use compared to some of the other options on the market, and it can detect both the center and edges of studs as you’re scanning with it. The LCD screen makes it extremely easy to find both the edges and the center of the stud for pinpoint accuracy. In addition to that, it can also detect live wires while you’re scanning. This can add quite a bit of protection, since you know you won’t accidentally drill into the power lines for your house. In addition to that, you can also detect metal under the surface of the metal so you don’t accidentally drill into a support bracket or other structure which will prevent you from getting in. It detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so you can avoid drilling into pipes as well." –
  • If there’s one thing the Zircon i520 can boast of, it is its multifunction scanning system. Besides the regular stud scan mode, there’s the DeepScan mode, the AC Scan mode, and the metal mode. Whatever be the wall scanning needs you have, they are covered by this device. Scan results are shown through an LCD screen. It also comes with live electrical wiring detection, making this device safe to use. This tool can also spot user errors and correct them. The packaging is easy to open. It uses no clamshells for covering and there are no twist ties to disentangle as you unpack." –
  • The Zircon MultiScanner i520 is the perfect choice for DIY-ers who have a lot of home projects to tackle. It features Auto Correcting Technology to adjust for the most common user errors, as well as a simple graph on its backlit display. Detects items behind plaster walls. Live wire alerts." –